Pokémon Revolution Red (2013)


Pokémon Revolution Red was a parody of Nintendo’s Pokémon games that cast the player as a ten-year-old communist revolutionary. It was created using the Pokémon Essentials kit for RPG Maker (which has sadly been taken down due to a DMCA).


The game was inspired by political internet memes that were popular at the time. Accompanied by Professor Volya’s Red Staryu, the player would have journeyed to Red Square and overthrown the Tsar, liberating the people of Sovia. Along the way, the player would have battled capitalist cronies and their traitorous rival, Sasha.

I made a lot of custom pixel art, wrote a lot of silly dialogue, and collected a small trove of Soviet marching music to put in the game. I stopped developing Revolution Red after a few months because the joke wore thin, but I’m fairly proud of the gameplay slice I finished.

Link to final build (50 MB, ancient and probably broken)

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