Soloing the Warbeast and Balthazar Naked

I made some videos of myself killing the final bosses of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story campaign without armor or weapons equipped.

Here’s my reddit post:

People often say personal story and open world are so easy, you can do them naked. Is this really true? While waiting for the patch, I decided to scientifically test this statement by fighting some Path of Fire bosses without any armor or weapons.

“Naked Weaver with Sohothin” Build



The results are shocking. These bosses are not only possible, but even more fun and engaging when you’re fighting in your skivvies. It appears that the ArenaNet balance team was balancing the encounters for Weavers in fully broken armor all along.

To other players who are reading this, I strongly recommend stripping naked before playing future story and open world content to get the full intended Guild Wars 2 experience.

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