Soloing Mordremoth Naked

Following up on my previous naked boss fight, I made a video of myself killing the final bosses of the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns story campaign with no armor and only basic rarity weapons equipped.

Here’s my reddit post:

After fighting the final bosses of Path of Fire naked, I decided to do the same thing but with Heart of Thorns. Can you kill Mordremoth and his minions with white weapons and no armor? It turns out you can.

Blighted Eir

Blighted Canach


“Naked Condi Auramancer” Tempest build

Doing these fights without offensive stats is really awful because every fight takes 5 times as long. I could probably have pushed out more damage if I grinded my rotation, but after hours of 2k dps condi tempest gameplay I don’t really want to risk my sanity by doing this again.

Eir was the only really challenging fight, because if you accidentally stand in the fire you die. The other two bosses don’t have any damage pressure and were relatively straightforward. (I would have re-recorded with the Pale Tree boss fight instead of Canach, but as I mentioned doing this has put me off HoT story for life, so you’ll just have to imagine what could have been.)

I used adrenal mushrooms in these runs, which isn’t possible for players without the mastery unlocked. If you like, you can imagine that I ran around for 60 seconds waiting for my cooldowns to recharge.

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