TWoaS Dev Diary #6

This is the sixth entry of my weekly dev diary for The Weight of a Soul.


Finished one scene this week, maybe two depending on how you count.

I’m sorry to say that my sleep problems carried over from last week into most of this week. With most of my waking hours spent in a daze, I’ve been having trouble being motivated to write TWoaS, plan the puzzle section that’s currently in development, or do anything at all, really.

When I’ve had episodes like this in the past, it’s been crushing for me because it feels like I’m supposed to be doing something productive, but I’m mentally and emotionally incapable of getting there. This goes doubly for TWoaS because it’s a landmark project of mine that I told myself I was going to finish no matter what.

What I’ve been trying to tell myself is that this is a sign of burnout and it’s ok to take a break. That’s why I only completed one scene this week, in the end. I think I could have done more if I really pushed, but it would have been worse for me in the long run. What I felt like I really needed was to just take a time out and get my train wreck of a life in order.

The good news is that I’m finally returning to some semblance of normalcy. I managed to attend some of my classes and fulfill some of my commitments that I previously skipped or cancelled because of my terrible sleep patterns.

I don’t think I’m out of the woods yet, but I think I’m going to spend the next week working on some other school assignments, and maybe an artwork mockup for TWoaS (as a change of pace), before returning to the daily grind of writing scene by scene.

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