TWOAS Dev Diary #9

This is the ninth entry of my dev diary for The Weight of a Soul.


Not much to report this week. I wrote two scenes, did an editing pass on some of the middle parts of Day Three, and finished a mockup of what the final UI could look like.

As you can see, the new UI is planned to incorporate many new features, including:

  • Pretty graphics.
  • An integrated command list below the command prompt.
  • Highlighting for interactable objects and characters in the scene.
  • Quick access to help menus.
  • An interactive compass rose.
  • A list of objectives visible anywhere, not just the journal.

Ideally, you will be able to click on any of the buttons or highlighted phrases to instantly append it to your command — so, for example, rather than typing “>x cavala”, you could click the “examine” button, then click “Doctor Cavala”.

I’ve already received some preliminary feedback on this mockup. One of my more typography-oriented friends suggests that I could make the line length shorter for a more comfortable reading experience. I also need a place to put accessibility options and volume controls for music. I’ll probably end up reworking the design again before I eventually implement it for the paid version of The Weight of a Soul.

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