TWOAS Dev Diary #11

This is the eleventh entry of my dev diary for The Weight of a Soul, in which Day Three is finally finished and an update is released.


The biggest news, I suppose, is that the game is finally playable up to the end of Day Three. Act Two reaches its finale, the source of the contagion is discovered, and the antagonist of The Weight of a Soul is revealed. You can play the latest development build of the game at the usual link.

I am well aware that Day Three is still unpolished, and for that matter several scenes in the first few chapters need to be reworked as well. This is because as we get closer to the ending, and I have a clearer and clearer idea in my mind of what the final arc of the story is going to look like, I’ve realized that I need more foreshadowing in the initial arcs to make the final day hit harder.

Day Four Planning

I’m taking a short break over Halloween, and I might go slow next week as well because it’s the week that many of my class submissions are due. After that it will be full steam ahead on Day Four over the semester break.

Since Day Four is starting a couple of weeks late in my schedule, I’m not a hundred percent sure if I will be able to finish on December 31 like I expected. After all, I have a National Service callup and I won’t be able to write any code during that time. My current plan for this is to write dialogue on my phone when I’m free, and transfer that to the project when I’m back home.

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