TWOAS Dev Diary #14

The school semester is out and all of my assignments are finally handed in. Over the break, I’ll have more time to work on The Weight of a Soul, I hope.


My progress still isn’t back to normal because of all the stuff I had to hand in, but I did manage to bang out more of the dialogue with the antagonist at the beginning of Day Four. I have a pretty good idea now of how the dialogue is going to end, and where Marid goes from there.

I’ve already written about how hard it is to write this particular dialogue, so I’ll spare you the details. The point is that it’s been slow going but I want to get it right.

Presentation 2

Last Friday was also the presentation date for me to show what I’ve done on The Weight of a Soul over the entire school semester. This was pretty standard stuff — basically just me summarizing what I’ve already written in the dev diaries — but it still took a lot more time to prepare and rehearse for the presentation than I hoped. I suppose this is the downside of tying The Weight of a Soul to my final year project. It’s good to be accountable, but having to present to someone who isn’t my mentor and doesn’t know what I’m doing with the project is honestly just exhausting.

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