TWOAS Dev Diary #17

Marid’s escape from the antagonist is done, and my writing is progressing according to the schedule I laid out for myself last week.


Now that the long plot-relevant dialogues and stuff are done, I’m back to a semi-recognizable structure of scenes that are more similar to what I was doing in Days Two and Three. This week I wrote five scenes; that includes one day when I realized that a scene wasn’t working and rewrote it.

I’ve already realized that some of the pacing is wonky in this section so I will probably end up coming back to it in my editing pass. The main problem is that the antagonist is talking too much, giving Marid very little space to react. I’ll have to break up his monologue into smaller snippets and add some opportunities for Marid (the player) to emote during the revelation.

The next step is Marid’s recovery and return through the Via Mercurii from the Shanty Quarter up to the Channelworks. Here she meets a couple of familiar faces, and we tie up some of the last story arcs of Days Two and Three, before we head into the final confrontation. This should also take a week or so.


In the coming week I’ll be occupied with a National Service callup, as previously mentioned, so I won’t be able to write much. I’m planning to do some preliminary writing on my phone and then copy it over to the game once I’m back.

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