TWOAS Dev Diary #21

We’re in the finalest of final stretches now, with Marid in the last location in the story and every plot thread coming to a close.


I’m happy to say that I managed to return to my original pace of “4-5 scenes a week” this last week and have made some good progress toward the climax of the story. The meeting with Horatio is done, as is the crossing into the Channelworks, and most of the meeting with the secondary antagonist is as well. With any luck I will be writing the final showdown and the ending-defining choice of The Weight of a Soul by the end of the week.

Even if my optimism doesn’t bear out, though — maybe if I have another neurotic episode and miss a couple of writing days — I am still almost guaranteed to finish the writing in the first week of February. I’m really happy about this because it means I can move on to the next phase of the project.

But I’ll get to that when I get to it.

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