TWOAS Dev Diary #22

The stage for the final showdown is set.


So I underestimated the amount of work left in the final scene a little — there will be dialogue with the antagonist, of course, but playing through the ending sequence, I thought that there should be a moment of silence before the final showdown to give the player a short breather. Hence this week’s progress, which was about fleshing out the last section leading up to the antagonist and letting the player examine the room before engaging the antagonist in life-and-death argument.

Next week will be the final showdown proper, and after that I’ll work on the epilogues.


Since it’s the school semester again, I got some feedback from my mentor about Day Four. He thinks I’ve been doing a good job with the writing so far but Marid could have a little more agency in the beginning of the day, when she’s captured by the antagonist and reacts to his monologuing. I’ve put it on my list of things to go over once the first draft of the game is complete.

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