TWOAS Dev Diary #23

Okay, the final showdown is taking longer than I expected. It’s going, but slowly.


This week I actually wrote more than usual: a good five “scenes'” worth of dialogue, a “scene” in this case being the unit of writing that previously made up a room or a single dialogue. The problem is that the finale of The Weight of a Soul is an extremely weighty section with a lot of branching dialogue. Five scenes doesn’t cut it: this is easily the longest and most important dialogue that’s going to be in the game. So we’re not quite done yet.

I figure that there are two parts of a story which you absolutely can’t cut corners on: the beginning and the end. Since the finale of The Weight of a Soul is the conclusion of every plot arc and all the story’s themes, it’s imperative that it’s a good finale. It can’t come off as rushed, or worse, cheesy. That’s why I’m okay with delaying further to get the endings of the story right.

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