TWOAS Dev Diary #26

On epilogues, completion, and Spring Thing 2021.


I’m about 3/4 of the way through the epilogues. There are four major endings, two of which have slight variations in text based on the player’s narrative choices. Those endings — the ones where Marid oppose the antagonist — are complete. The remaining two endings will be interesting to write, since they’re the endings where Marid decides that the antagonist’s methods aren’t all bad and coopts them for her own ends.

The Weight of a Soul will most likely be “complete” by the end of February. (I still intend to do some editing work, but that can come later.) It will be an entry in Spring Thing 2021, where it will be playable in its entirety there for the first time. To comply with the contest rules, I will not be making the final release build of The Weight of a Soul public; the current link will be taken down until the contest opens and The Weight of a Soul is playable there.

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