TWOAS Dev Diary #31

Spring Thing 2021, and a working compass!

Spring Thing

The Weight of a Soul is now publicly playable on this website and at Spring Thing 2021, a festival for interactive fiction. It’s an exciting time and I may be losing some sleep over thinking about what the public’s reaction will be. I’ve received a lot of good initial feedback, but I don’t know whether the endings are satisfying or the latter half of the game is any good.

I spent more time than usual on social media and forums canvassing support and looking for feedback, so I didn’t have much time to work on the game proper.

Work on the Game Proper

That said, I did implement the compass:

This compass has clickable buttons that behave as you’d expect, and light up based on the current situation and the exits of the room you’re in. It took a long time to get this working in CSS and I’m pretty proud of it.

Next I’ll be working on the list of current objectives and the help menu pages.

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