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Personal Coat of Arms (2019)

After playing Crusader Kings 2, I got interested in heraldry, a centuries-old artistic tradition that is strikingly similar to modern graphic design. I decided to try making a coat of arms for myself based on traditional English heraldic rules.

Here’s the blazon (the formal technical definition of the design, from which the image is derived):

Sable, on a bend Gules fimbriated Or, the symbol of Spades (as in a deck of playing cards) Or.

Mantling: Sable doubled Or.

Crest: From flames Gules a phoenix incensed rising with wings raised and extended Or.

Motto: “Arte Non Fortuna”

The vector linework was adapted from Wikimedia Commons.

Blow Wind Blow (2019)

Blow Wind Blow is a Unity student project I made with two groupmates. In this game, a prince sets out to sail across the ocean. Playing as the four winds, the players cooperate to steer him to each of his destinations, while at the same time competing to become the prevailing wind and influence his destiny. In this way, the winds compete for ultimate dominance over the narrative of the game.

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The Inquisitor of Infernus (2018)

Trespasser. Thief. Heathen. You have defiled the Sanctum of Our Lady, profaned the Unutterable Pact, and stolen the sacramental wafer. Your actions are a crime against god and countryman. The evidence is absolute. The sentence is death. What do you plead?

Inquisitor Veritia

The Inquisitor of Infernus is a short screenplay that I wrote as part of my screenwriting class. It’s based on a D&D character concept I never ended up playing.

The nice thing about writing screenplays you never plan to produce is that you can go as over the top with budget and special effects as you want.

Link to Google Docs

Tian Xia (2018)

There are wandering heroes, martial artists and magicians, who stand up for the common people and enforce justice in an unjust world.

Tian Xia is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign setting based on the wuxia / xianxia genres in Chinese fiction. The idea is to convert the standard D&D setting that most players are familiar with into Eastern fantasy while changing as little as possible.

I wrote this setting because I wanted to run a D&D game with a twist on the usual setting. Feel free to use it for your own games if you like.

Link to Google Docs