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Class Projects for Experimental Interaction (2018)

ADM Defense Commander ’88

I collaborated with three other university students to build this Gradius clone in Processing (Java). I was the main game designer and programmer.

Project proposal and submission
Source code (Processing 3)

The Lost Treasure of Processing Castle

I collaborated with two other university students to build this Wolfenstein 3D clone in Processing (Java). Again, I was the main game designer and programmer.

Project proposal
Project submission and design commentary
Source code (Processing 3)

Fleets of Ossia (2016)

some sought to understand the cause of the Flood, but none could. the water must have come from somewhere, they reasoned, but where could you store enough water to drown the world? and so as time went by they lost interest in that quest, and in time most records of the Flood were lost. all that remained was the Sea.

razorborne, Ossia dossier

In 2016, my friend razorborne from the Magic: the Gathering fan site No Goblins Allowed created a fantasy setting called Fleets of Ossia. In this setting, various isles of fantasy creatures wage war for control of the Infinite Sea. I was fascinated by his setting and so helped him create some supplemental materials for it.

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Hunter Killer (2016)

If there are no cards left in your draw pile, you are Suffocating.

Hunter Killer is a 1v1 competitive card game based on submarine combat. The design ethos is that information is both danger and opportunity, and the game is designed to simulate the suspense of a real underwater battle.

I designed the initial rules for Hunter Killer in 2016. Since then, it has undergone playtesting and several rules revisions. I don’t consider it finished, and plan to someday come back and polish it into a Kickstartable product.

The Guiding Light (2015)

The lamplight crept across warped geometries, was reflected in shards from grinding gears and curving tubes. It shone across a floor that swam with pinpricks of starlight — and fell away at the edge of the lamp’s glow, a singularity collapsing into itself end upon end. Through it all wound a titanic machine that was conspicuously unfinished, like a great steel serpent missing its heart.

The Guiding Light is a short story set in the world of Solphos. It tells the story of Lumina Revelaris, a prominent character in the setting. It is also the direct prequel to The Weight of a Soul.

Like all Solphos-related material, this story was originally written for the Magic: Expanded Multiverse fan fiction project.

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