I am a writer and game developer with a broad base of skills. My strengths are in worldbuilding and game design, but I have a variety of skills including programming, graphic design, and prose writing.

I am currently looking for part-time or contract based employment. Feel free to contact me via email if you are interested in hiring or have any other questions.

Surname: Chin
First name: Kee Yong
Also known as: CKY
Nationality: Singaporean
Born: 1996


  • Nanyang Technological University (2017-2021): Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive Media) and Dean’s List 2019 awardee.
  • Hwa Chong Institution (2009-2014): Graduated with Distinction from Integrated Programme, with an A in Literature and consistent Project Work High Distinctions. Also participated in the Creative Arts Programme.
  • Rosyth School (2006-2008): Graduated from Gifted Education Programme.
  • Zhonghua Primary School (2003-2005).

Professional Skills

  • Creative Writing. I am the author of the critically acclaimed interactive novel The Weight of a Soul. I specialize in intricate worldbuilding and tightly edited prose. I also have 1 year of experience writing flavor text, lore documents, game narration, and so on.
  • Programming. I am an artist and writer who is also comfortable with git, coding, scripting, vector math, etc. in real-world contexts. I have implemented mods and student projects in multiple game engines and am constantly learning new tools and workflows in my free time.
  • Game Design & Development. For more than 20 years, I have spent my free time not only playing video games, but also studying game mechanics and narratives, building custom maps and mods, hosting tabletop RPG campaigns, and designing tabletop games and video games of my own.
  • Graphic Design. I can design logos, user interfaces, and print layouts. I have professional experience designing graphics for board and card games, as well as advertisements and flyers.

Other Skills

  • General Art. I can draw, paint, animate, sculpt, etc. at a basic level.
  • Languages. I speak and read Mandarin Chinese as a second language. I also have a passing familiarity with Japanese, Latin, and French.

Employment Experience

  • Junior Narrative Designer at D.G.Ventures (2021-2022). I contributed to the worldbuilding for the D.G.Pals IP by designing the historical and geopolitical landscape of Panterra. I also wrote a significant amount of flavor text, such as creature names and descriptions, Equipment names and descriptions, and random events in D.G.P New World.
  • Intern at Capital Gains Studio (2017). I was the main graphic designer on the board game Debtzilla, contributing all graphics other than the cartoon illustrations. I also helped to playtest and write the rulebook, and provided some promotional graphics for the Kickstarter campaign.
  • Various freelance work related to advertising and graphic design.

Other Experience

  • Open World Admin at MetaBattle (2018). I was a content curator and primary contributor for this Guild Wars 2 fan wiki. I helped new players by writing game guides and optimizing character builds.
  • Curator of NGA Constructed (2014-2018). I organized this community-driven initiative to transcribe fan-made Magic: the Gathering card sets into an online playable format. I worked with content creators to promote and maintain the custom plugin for 4 years, and hosted events and tournaments during that time period.