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Hello world

Hello reader. My name is Chin Kee Yong and I’m currently an art student in Singapore. After much dithering I’ve decided to start a personal website.

Here are my goals for this website:

  • CV. This is a convenient place for me to host my portfolio and hobbyist/professional experience. Previously, my hosting was a complicated mess of hard disks, Facebook, and Google Drive. Hopefully this will make it easier to find things.
  • Journal. I’m not the type to write about my personal life, but I’ve considered writing down my thoughts about games and media. This is an easily accessible place where I can put my writing.
  • Billboard. Having all of this information in one place gives me a convenient publicity tool that I can link people. This gets more eyeballs on my work, which will hopefully snowball into more recognition and an internship or job offer.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to try to upload and/or link all of the projects I’ve been involved in. This will form a current, up-to-date CV that I can later add to.

See you in the meantime.

Hunter Killer (2016)

If there are no cards left in your draw pile, you are Suffocating.

Hunter Killer is a 1v1 competitive card game based on submarine combat. The design ethos is that information is both danger and opportunity, and the game is designed to simulate the suspense of a real underwater battle.

I designed the initial rules for Hunter Killer in 2016. Since then, it has undergone playtesting and several rules revisions. I don’t consider it finished, and plan to someday come back and polish it into a Kickstartable product.