The Weight of a Soul Dev Diary #35

A working menu and hyperlinks, and oops, I got hospitalized.

Exhibition & Progress

The Weight of a Soul is currently being shown as a student project at the Gillman Barracks ADM Show 2021 exhibition. I worked overtime to get my booth set up and to get some features ready for this show.

The first new feature is inline hyperlinks. I’ve added a system that allows me to include hyperlinks in game text, and the hyperlinks are styled differently depending on whether the linked object is an interactable thing, person, or direction. Clicking on a hyperlink automatically types it into the command prompt. This, I hope, will make the basic gameplay of a parser adventure easier to grok for newcomers.

I’ve also added a rudimentary JavaScript menu for the graphical version of The Weight of a Soul, replacing the text-based version in the raw Glulx file. All the basic functionality is there, including multiple tabs, a map that opens in fullscreen, and a command list with nice new formatting. The exception is the hint menu, which I wasn’t able to finish in time for the Gillman Barracks release.


On the opening day of the exhibition itself, I couldn’t be present because I had a fainting spell at home and had to see a doctor. I was hospitalized and placed under observation for 24 hours. Luckily, the doctors didn’t find any underlying medical condition that could have caused my fainting spell, which means that it was likely a once-off occurrence due to stress and a lack of sleep.

I’m taking it easy for now until I feel well enough to work on The Weight of a Soul again.

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