TWOAS Dev Diary #27

The Weight of a Soul is playable from start to finish!


At last, I finished the remaining bits of the epilogue that were incomplete. The Weight of a Soul is now a finished text adventure (insofar as a first draft can be called finished). As mentioned in my earlier blog post, Spring Thing 2021 requires that all submissions be “new releases,” so I have closed the online build to the public for the time being.

I realized that I was burning out hard, so over the last few days I took a short break to celebrate such an important milestone. The next step is to incorporate Vorple in preparation for the next project presentation, and to take notes on player feedback for the Spring Thing 2021 build.


I’ve sent out a few copies of the game already to playtesters, and I’m preparing to put out a second wave later today. On top of this, I’m planning to gather feedback from first-time players when The Weight of a Soul is shown at Spring Thing 2021. I figure that I should gather as much feedback as possible before making the final prose edits for the paid version of the game.


My schedule is a little scuffed from all the delays, but the next step is still to implement the graphical interface through Vorple. This week I’ll be doing a crash course on Vorple through the documentation and example projects, and probably put together a test implementation before figuring out how The Weight of a Soul‘s GUI is going to work. I have a good idea of how I’m going to make it happen, but this is my first time working with Vorple and my CSS is also really rusty. I expect this to take up to three weeks, at which point I’ll showcase whatever I have for my second final year project presentation.

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