TWOAS Dev Diary #25

Yeah, yeah, laugh it up — another delay for The Weight of a Soul. I realized that I could either have a really crappy and unsatisfying series of epilogues, or take another week to add some epilogues with some meat and bones to them. I opted for the latter.

The way I’ve decided to do the epilogues is as an additional short interactive scene that takes place after a year-long timeskip. We get to poke around Marid’s familiar-yet-unfamiliar surroundings, examine things to see how they’ve changed, and get a clue of the new world order after Marid’s climactic moral choice.

Now I’m a perfectionist but I’m not stupid, so I’ve decided to make many of the endings similar on the surface to minimize the amount of work I need to do to push this thing over the finish line. This works from a narrative standpoint as well, since making the endings similar emphasizes the differences between them on a second playthrough. The main difference will be in the action that you do to end the story — an emphasis, if you will, on what Marid is doing on a daily basis in her new life.

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